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Subject: Re: www.charmedbysavannah.com Customer Receipt/Purchase Confirmation

Thanks Savannah's Mom!!!  I think the grape wine charms are so AWESOME...seems like she's on her way to college and a great life....to know what she wants at her age...Great job Mom!!!


Subject: Wine Charms

Dear Savannah:

I got one of your samples and love it!   I would like to carry your charms in my new wine and cheese store in Maine.  Do you sell your charms to stores for resale?


M. P.

Hi Savannah – I came across your lovely product online and .... yours is my favorite.  I am writing an article about the function and fun of wine glass charms.  Here’s the link:


… your product is adorable; I’m sure you are too.



Subject: Thank you

Dear Savannah,

Thanks again for my bulk order of 25 wine charms.  There were 8 other attendees at my event in Chicago and everyone came by my table.  The clients loved them!  They were the talk of the show.  I will definitely recommend to my friends and clients.   You’re very talented. 

Sales Manager

Vail Valley Partnership
The Chamber & Tourism Bureau

Subject: charms

Hi Danielle,

It was great meeting you and yes, we had a wonderful time.  The wine charms were such a cute touch…loved them!

I will be sure to contact you should I need anything.

Thank you,

Convention Associate

Hi Savannah - I rec'd my free charm today.  How cool! I will definitely think of your site for gifts for the future.

We are having a wine tasting fund raiser, so I was looking at the wine charms as a thank you to the people that worked on this project with me. 

Hmmm....you know what, I am going to do a blog posting about Savannah's site if that's ok with you?!



Link to blog about Charmed By Savannah:


Subject: Re: charmed by savannah

Hi Savannah,

As for the special occasion, I am looking at the charms for my friends birthday she and her mom both are wine lovers and this would be a great and unique gift! so I'm excited to see the charm. I told my Father about them and now he wants to get some for my Mom for their anniversary in June. Thanks for contacting me so fast! Your charms are adorable :) -Stephanie B

Subject: Your Charms!

Hi Savannah,

Your wine charms are beautiful!!!  They are going to make such a perfect gift for a friend of mine.   Thank you!  Hope you have a wonderful day!

Carrie G

Subject: I love my charms!

Hi Savannah,
I met you Saturday and bought a set of 4 wine charms.  They are just lovely!  I looked up your website and signed up for the free report and charm.  Your page is very professional and easy to use. 

Your friend, L H

Savannah, thanks for the nice note!  I'm having a martini Valentines party this Saturday night and I'm going to put your charms on all the martini glasses.  When my friends comment about how beautiful they are, I'll give them your website information.  I hope to get some new orders going for you!  I'll tell them to say "L sent me!" 
you are sweet! (and talented)
thanks, L

Hi Savannah,

I've checked out your site and am impressed with your charms. They are unique and beautiful and I would like to order some. 

Thanks and keep up the beautiful work.

Sincerely, M

Hi Savannah! 

I recently ordered a set of 6 champagne colored charms from you (they are beautiful on-line by the way!) 



I think the pictured colors that you have for the 6 piece wine-charms, are beautiful…


Hi Savannah,

I want to thank you for attempting to send me a sample charm.  When your envelope arrived, however, it had a hole in it and appears the charm fell out.  I have placed an order anyway, because even without actually seeing them, they look terrific and I know I will love them.

Thank you and good luck.  I will tell everyone to check out your website!


Subject: thank you!

Savannah- I just received my wine charms today and I think they are beautiful! They are a gift for my mother-in-law and I know she will love them!

You have very nice website and business. I am thoroughly charmed and impressed with all your special touches, including the hand-written note.

I wish you the best of luck with your business and thank you for such professional, quick service!


Subject: Charms

Dear Savannah,

My name is T S and I just wanted to send you a short note to say how wonderful your charms are...

Thank you

Subject: Blog about Charmed by Savannah

Great to do business with you!

Blog about Charmed by Savannah
Wendy Bumgardner