About Us

I'm Savannah.  I am fourteen and this is my business.

SavannahI live on a hill among the vineyards in western Oregon.  When I'm not in school, at basketball practice, or at Kung Fu class where I'm a first degree black belt, I enjoy making these beautiful wine charms.  I know that each charm has no twin, because I make each one myself. Since this is my own company, I make sure every charm is the best it can be.  It is also a way to save for college.  


Best Materials

I make each charm out of the best materials I can find and I guarantee each one 100%.  If any charm arrives in less than perfect condition, I will replace it at no charge to you upon return of the damaged charm. 


Because no two charms are alike, they make the perfect gift.  You know your gift will be unique.  I am proud that they are so beautiful and the best quality.  I think they are the finest and most beautiful charms in the world.